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Atlantis (Bally) Wip


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Started to add some playfield parts today, hopefully I'll have time to work on touching up the playfield image tomorrow.

This table is very interresting to make as it has both white and red GI.



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Hi Rosve.

Superb job dude.

If you need some help iddentifying the lights, or the Gi's let me know...(as you conffirm, the A-B lights system is a nightmare.... ;))


BTW, a few years ago (I began it in 2011), I do my own version, playable, but not finished yet. Here's a shot. This night I will record a vid to show you the GI white and red effect. Maybe can help you. :)



Here's and old video (28-07-2011), but you can see the Gi's effect.:)

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