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Configtool big update for Teensy Users


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Hi Guys,

We have a big update for users who have ledstrips controllers like Teensy or similar :)

Currently, you had to use ini files provided from outside the configtool, this is over now, ALL tables have now ledstrips configs fo it in the configtool ;)

About the changes in the site itself, this is how the port assignment looks like now:


We have now custom brightness for ledstrip toys, flasher toys, Strobe toy and Strobe MX toys, consolidated into that page now

The Ledstrips variables section let you define the position of each variable used in the ledstrip toys, the shape of the emulated flasher, these configurations will affect all table configs :)

So if you had lots of custom ledstrip configs in the configtool, if you want to revert all configs for one toy to public, to use these ledstrip variables, i added a button on the stats page where you can do that for a specific toy,, you select it, press on the revert button and it will do the job ;)


I don't have ledstrip on my cab myself, so I wanna thanks a lot Randr, Swisslizard and Gech who created the configs, helped in testing, finding bugs and suggest on improving the features :)


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So I'll explain now how to map the configtool toys to your controller to experience the most of the configs in the configtool

You will need to use the combo feature


And choose the RGB Addressable Toy Category


The PF Back Flasher MX Toy contains the emulation of the 5 usual flashers, you can define the position, width, shape with the ledstrip variable for each of the 5 usual flashers


The PF Back Strobe MX emulates the usual strobe toy, you can configure like the flashers above, plus you can choose the color of the strobe


And the PF Back Effects MX, other more complex effects than emulation of the flashers


And if you want the Attract effects in Pinballx, you can add the PF Back PBX MX in the combo


Then clic on Add to create the combo

You can create 2 other combos for the sides of the cabinet if you have ledstrips there, one with PF Left Flashers MX + PF Left Effects MX, and for the right, PF Right Flashers MX + PF Right Effects MX

Then on Port Assignment page, you can assign the combos you created on the port of the controller that you need


Then recreate ini files and that's it

Of course you make sure to have DOF R3 properly installed in order to making it work

Enjoy :)

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