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Vp Crashes-Video Card?

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I get the dreaded "can't create offscreen surface" error sometimes on load tables into the editor- not playing. Let me be clear. Not when rendering the table, but loading it into the editor. I have no stuttering issues when playing. Is this my card? I also get "waves" going down the screen. Like if you ever saw an old tv and it looks like the picture "rolls or flickers", that's what I mean. I have heard the rolling can be a power issue. I have all connectors in place, including the extra one for power. The card typiclly runs 48-50c, and from what I know about this card, that's good as I heard they run hot.



16g ddr3

650w p/s

GTX 280 Nvidia


Edit: Sorry, I just realized I'm running an old version of VP (9.12). That may be the crashing, but the screen rolling is on everything.

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I used to get that when trying to load in avp9 pin into vp8 since vp8 can't handle HD rendering on my tower

 it always crashed with that same message

working with vp9.1.2 I again had the same crashing problems when working with the HD key

if HD was turned on then the pin gets saved it often crashed upon trying to load it up again

but vp9.1.3 and vp9.1.4 seem okay

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