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Remdwaas1986 Created by
2020 Year

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Do you still remember: Ducktales "the quest for gold" from 1990 and DOS?
I used graphics in the DMD from the DOS area! And made a pin named "Quest for money"
Go on a adventure to the Amazon,Egypt,Africa and the Himalayas with all there own 8bit music. 
You will be send of by Launchpad McQuack but it can be in 4 directions to start the adventure.
Aim on the piggy bank to get money and after 5 times scrooge golden money bin will appear for extra points.
Knock the doors 2 times to get the "monsters" out and hit the "monsters" 3 times to have a change to get the treasure!
Launchpad McQuack will fly you in the dmd to the nearest airport where a multiball bonus is waiting for you. 
Do you have them al and win the jackpot?
Don't forget the beagle boys and magica! on 1,3 and 5 million you will get an extra ball to play more!
This pin cost me 3 weeks to make it, so please leave a reply and rate it!(very much appreciated, I like to read them a lot!)
Thanks to ivantba for giving me other lights and ofcource to jpsalas for helping troubleshooting, his code we can use and for the lights that he gave. 
I hope you like it and duck on!

Contact Author First.
v10.6 required

What's New in Version 1.6   See changelog


wyk82 requested DOF for ducktales(loved your cab!) and Outhere made it happen! all the thanks to him!
- Thanks to Outhere for pointing out sounds that had to be moved to the backglass
- DOF by Outhere
- I updated it to version 10.7.2
- Made the images smaller
- used mp3 for the music
- fixed the bug with the targets, used variables instead of the lights
- fixed the bug for loosing the ball on the apron
- made the ramps nicer and more playable

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Sorry for the late response, but Thank you so much (remdwaas1986 and Outhere) for update! Now that DOF is added I feel like my Ducktales themed cabinet is complete! I've always loved the table but it is 100x more immersive now! I love it! This community is awesome! 

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I was just saying on another forum that some Disney virtual pinball tables would be nice. Wreck it Ralph, Aladdin, Coco could all make for some cool tables. And here you made DuckTales. Hell yes thank you. Would love to see Rescue Rangers, TailSpin, and DarkWing Duck to complete The Disney Afternoon.

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HE had me at ducktales! lol. But seriously fun and addictive, so creative. Thank you for this Table!

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