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2021 Year

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Stick with the master chief He'll know what to do!
14 march 2002 Halo came out for the xbox in europe. For our generation was this one of the best games ever made. I played this a lot with friends on a old crt televions with split screen lol! Even Halo 2 we finished in one night playing(on easy of cource). snipering with the blood gulch level, what brings this back a lot of memories for sure! I didn't saw a Halo table out there and i felt the urge to make one. 
First of all the round of thanks:
Thanks to jpsals for helping me with helping troubleshoot the code and explaining how the big ufo works in attack from mars. Also his patient because of all my messages. i was in panic mode because i almost had to redo 100+ 3d objects and 3d animations, it costed me 4 hours to find my own fault and its is fixed! 
Thanks to flupper for helping me out with his light code.
Thanks to terry red to inspire me because his retro flair table.
This is an original table, with everything included in the vpx file, and it doesn't need any external program to run. It can be run in desktop mode and in FS mode with flexdmd automatically(with JP code fixes). This is a 5 ball game with on 3,6 and 9 million an extra ball. This table has no ball savers, only when the ball goes in to the left outer lane it will go in cortana's station and will be shoot back to the warzone!
This table is based on attack from mars. It hasn't the jumping aliens on it but so much more. It has needler bumpers, plasma rifle slingshots, changing flashers, changing colors, explosions and 3d animations.
Play the bank away by hitting the three bank targets. Then hit the door of the blood gulch bunker to enter the bunker. When you shoot into the bunker the covenantship will fly to you and stays above the bunker(instead of the big UFO), shoot the bunker again to destroy the covenantship every wave you have to shoot the bunker one more time extra to destroy the covenant ship, six times total. then it will restart. but the total waves,kills and missions that have been completed will be shown in the gameover screen. 
At the end of the wave the bonus is 100K more then the last time. the small ufo's are replaced by banshees, who doesn't love banshees(hours we flew in them!)!
collect all six jackpots for the super jackpot(50K for each jackpot and 500k for the super jackpot). Every time your assistant Cortana will help you remind the status on how much % you are for getting a jackpot. (accept for the  teleport lane, there will be only the lights).      
If you shoot the ball in the teleport portal above your ball will be teleported to one of the 3 sides for extra randomness(with an extra ball it goes to the portal below). 
If you shoot in the portal where Johnsen is sitting on, then 3 things can happen; teleport to three locations or missions/battles will start or the bonus level will start on the playfield below.
So every time you play it's different because you don't know where the ball teleports too! 
Missions with timers:
1. collect 5 halo logo's - 60 seconds
2. collect letters C-H-I-E-F - 60 seconds 
3. Skillshot low - 60 seconds 
4. collect 5 frag grenades - 60 seconds 
5. Skillshot high - 60 seconds 
6. Collect 5 skulls - 60 seconds
7. Activate Halo Alpha - 90 seconds (bring the reactor on the left side offline)
8. Destroy Halo Alpha  - no timer (destroy the left reactor and the halo ring, Halo Beta will now be available under the missions)
9. Activate Halo Beta  - 90 seconds (bring the reactor on the right side offline)
10. Destroy Halo Beta  - no timer (destroy the right reactor and the halo ring)
The mission lights are for mission 1 till 10 and the custom lights are for the mission animated battles
This missions/ animated battles are added above the main missions and  you have change to get them also from the mission spinner(this are the other lights down the super jackpot):
11. Defeat 5 Flood carriers
12. Defeat 5 flood elites
13. Defeat 5 jackals
14. Defeat 5 grunds
15. Defeat 5 elites
After almost every mission you will get an extra ball and then the grund multiball modus will start. Kill the grunds till one ball remains on the table then the normal gameplay will be resumed.
I wanted to bring this table to the next level so i tried to do that by adding 3d annimation(wrote an tutorial for this see 1.6), so the enemies move and there is interaction with the master chief himself. Also by adding flashers which change from colors. I hope everybody enjoys this and remember we all work hard! So please rank/like the table and leave a message behind, thats the only appriciation we need and ask!
Now get back to the war soldier remdwaas out!

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v10.6 required

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The only halo table out there! And boy its fantastik! ITs got boss battles and secret stuff everywhere. Brilliante work and super fun!. Thank you!

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Great table and thanks.  Making a HALO themed cab, glad to see a table.  Thanks!

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Absolutely love it!!!! Being new to all this makes this table even more special as it has everything in one. What a great job you have done with this table. A million thanks for such a fun table. Keep up the great work!!

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