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Dragon (Gottlieb 1978)

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dragon ROM Name
BorgDog Created by
BorgDog, HauntFreaks Artwork by
BorgDog Scripting by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1978 Year

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re-up of old vpinball table, no changes.  Note, this includes the db2s I originally did for this, blacksad has done an updated one with nicer image, located here on VPU.



This is the solid state version of Dragon, Gottlieb also made this an EM version. When JP recently released his Charlie's Angels table I updated my spreadsheet of Gottlieb system 1 tables (yes I have a spreadsheet) and realized there was only one left that had not been done in VPX, the 1978 Dragon.  I decided it was time to make it.  Looked high and low for good resources, and ended up settling for ok resources, table image from vpf, backglass image from ipdb.  Both of them I did some doctoring to and then my buddy hauntfreaks did more.  but still can only do so much with so-so starts, so this is decidedly NOT a "4k" build.  I did find some decent plastics images, not great but decent, so those helped.


One thing I did do new for this table is an improved vari-target primitive and animation.  All the ones I'd seen in the past have been just a slide back of an object that is just above the playfield level (transx for those in the know).  what I did is took that primitive and extended it below the table to an approximate distance to where the real one has a pivot point.  I then redid the scripting for it so the vari-target actually rotates around that pivot point like the real one (rotx).


Big thanks to hauntfreaks for cleaning up and color fixing images for the playfield and the included db2s. Also big thanks to the ever busy bord for doing his fancy gi shadow treatment, much more detail then what I usually do.  Thanks guys!


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