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Big House (Gottlieb 1989) MOD

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mfuegemann (VP9) / Rascal (VPX Conv) / Aubrel (MOD) Created by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1989 Year

2 Screenshots

Big House Gottlieb 1989, 
Originally made for VP9 by mfugemann (2015)
VPX conversion by Rascal (2019)
VPX enhanced MOD by Aubrel (2021)


Big House is a very underrated pinball game. This table was already very well done and needed only to be updated and improved for vpx.
I added in this new version some nice features to really much improve the gaming and the visual experiences.
By the way, everything has been done to match at best the real pinball machine.


I did a very big work on the overall lighting and the sound of this table and checked every details to render at its best.
-The overall lighting power is set automatically depending of the LUT chosen.
-The overall lighting power is updated in live depending of the current GI state.
-Darkness level is updated in live and can be set in the scrip to be just "as you want".
-Most collision sounds and the sound code are updated.


Some Mods have been also included (apron color, blades, instructions in french)


Most important changes :
- Lighting redone completely
- Sound redone almost completely
- Script code updated and improved
- Right ramp and captive ball moves improved
- GI lights fixed and positioned to match the real pinball
- Luts selection by Right MagnaSave
- Mods selection by Left MagnaSave
- Ball and flippers shadows
- Playfield cleanups (and sharpness by movieguru)
- Physics and gameplay improved
- Visual, sound and configuration options added
- Multiball light show improved
- Many small details, materials changed,...
- New backwall for desktop users
- Digital display added for desktop users


I love this pinball and really hope you will enjoy it 

Contact Author First.

What's New in Version 2.3   See changelog



- LightsLevelUpdate and DarkLevelUpdate codes updated

- Digital display added for desktop users

- Desktop POV settings updated

- A few small changes, fixes and improvements


- DarkLightShow script rewritten and really much improved
- Overall lighting improved
- More inserts cleanings
- LUTs and LUT selection updated with "dark modes"
- Dark levels can be set in the script
- VPinMAME version compatibility lowered to 3.10
- Many cleanings and small fixes


- More playfield cleanups
- New Apron and Blades colors to match the real pinball
- Pursuit Lights improved
- Multiball Light Show enhanced
- General lighting adjusted
- Script code changes/cleanups/improvements
- Sound and volumes adjusted
- LUTs selection by MagnaSave Right
- Mods (apron/blades) selection by MagnaSave Left
- Controler selection modernized for vpx (now auto)
- Plunger fixed
- Many visual/sound/config options added in the script
- Many small (and very small!) adjustments and details everywhere


- Bumpers and Upper-GI lights fixed to work like the real pinball (the old "L15" playfield light is fixed also)
- Backdrop lights and rendering enhanced

- New backwall for desktop users
- Ramp moves script and position improved
- Center flasher color changed back to yellowish
- Captive-ball script and chain enhanced
- Some lightning improvements
- Some playfield inserts added and some playfield cleanings
- Playfield sharpness enhanced by movieguru (thanks to him!)
- Some sounds have been updated and fixed
- Some materials have been updated
...and a few more small fixes and changes...


- Many missing materials fixed
- Many materials replaced/changed/updated
- Many mechanical sounds and collision added/updated
- Ball and flipper shadows added
- Nearly all lights and flashers have been changed/replaced/updated
- A few small changes have been made to better match the real table or to improve the visual result and the gameplay.
Enjoy :)

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Really cool table, Aubrel has done some stellar work.

If you're not sure about this one - it's a prison breakout with great music, voices, and lights.  Try it at least until you get a multiball, and I guarantee you'll be hooked.

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Hi Guys, you also need to download the Bighouse rom file to use this table. Table has a retro feel....goood  fun worth a play, I was undecided at first.



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