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FX3 SSF (Surround Sound Feedback) PuP-Packs

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About This File

Finally, Pinball FX3 joins the Surround Sound Feedback Club... thanks to the combined power of DOFLinx and PinUp Player.


What's the big deal?


FX3 only plays all of its sounds through your front speakers. This means that all the mechanical sounds for flippers, bumpers, slings, etc will always be heard from your Backbox speakers.




With these PuP-Packs, you will now get mechanical pinball sounds playing from your surround sound channels (not your front speakers). This means anyone with a cabinet and a SSF setup will get the most benefit of cool 3D positional audio and feedback. Everyone else who has any kind of surround sound setup (cabinet or desktop) will also benefit from the surround sound effects!




Please Read the Description and ALL of the Install Instructions!




PUP SSF and multiple Sound Cards


  • Pinup Player SSF by default will only work with your primary Sound Card
  • for those who use SSF on a secondary sound card, goto this link to learn how setup PuP SSF on the secondary device





FX3 is limited with what it can do for SSF!  (NO BALL ROLLING SSF!)


  • FX3 does NOT allow for SSF ball rolling (like what you get with VPX and FP PinEvent tables)
  • I am only able to provide SSF for the small number of FX3 triggered events that DOFLinx can make use of





DOF R3++




You MUST have the "latest"  DOF R3++ installed! This is a requirement for the newer version of DOFLinx to function! Install it using mjr's excellent Installer that does everything for you. This is the most up to date version of DOF available.


  • if you only have SSF on your cabinet and no other hardware, then you will need a copy of directoutputconfig.ini for DOFLinx to use
  • this is normally generated by DOF Config Tool, but if you don't have any cabinet hardware for DOF then you can't generate that file
  • I have included my own example file for you to use if you need it. Simply copy the "config" folder from the "directoutputconfig (for SSF only users).zip" file to your DirectOutput folder


DOFLinx v7.32 or higher:




  • DOFLinx is what triggers any kind of feedback, lighting, or PinUP Player SSF functions for FX3
  • once it's setup and configured for FX3, you will configure your DOFLinx "PATH_FX3" in the DOFLinx.ini to point to the "FX3_PUPlayer" folder instead of the "FX3" folder
  • the "FX3_PUPlayer" folder contains updated versions of the *.FX3 config files. These have been updated by me to include the PinUP Player triggers needed for the FX3 SSF PuP-Packs


****** NOTE: If FX3 gets updated, than DOFLinx and SSF won't work until DOFLinx gets updated to work with the new FX3. exe ******


PinUP Player:




PinUP System updates:




You need Pinup Player installed. This is required for the FX3 SSF PuP-Packs.










  • this 1st collection of PuP-Packs (DEFAULT TRIGGERS) will allow ALL Pinball FX3 tables to have SSF for the BASIC Pinball functions
  • this includes Flippers, Slings, Bumpers, Drain, Ball In, Launch, Nudge Left, Nudge Right,  and Nudge Up
  • each table will use the same sounds and same 3D positions for the effects
  • these Packs is required for ALL tables
  • these will be what you use of you are happy with not changing or adding anything more to the default setup for each table


NOTE: If you are happy with the Default SSF effects for every table using these PuP-Packs, than you don't need to download any other PuP-Packs!







These need to be updated and completed by the community! (not meant for normal gameplay)


  • the 2nd collection of PuP-Packs (ALL TRIGGERS) include both the Default SSF Triggers and Sounds, but also includes all the extra TABLE SPECIFIC Triggers
  • these include all the additional DOFLinx triggers for each table such as Drop Targets, Ramps, Orbits, Kickers, VUKS, etc
  • these extra triggers are already added to each tables's PuP-Pack, but they are not updated for their sound file, description, or 3D position!
  • this is where the community will need to help out (by updating these PuP-Packs), as there are currently over 80 tables to update!


Only use the ALL TRIGGERS PuP-Packs if you intend on updating any of them! 


  • only copy and edit one PuP-Pack at a time
  • the extra triggers are setup to use "numbered sounds" (1.wav,2.wav,3.wav,etc) so that you can "hear" where the trigger on the table is coming from while playing the table
  • simply copy over the PuP-Pack... play the game...listen for the numbers while playing and note where on the table you heard it
  • then simply edit the PuP-Pack for the table (using the PuP-Pack Editor), and update the Trigger (that uses the numbered .WAV file you heard)
  • you will need to update the sound file needed for what kind of action it is (ramp, drop target, ball rolling,etc), the description, and the 3D position
  • if you find that any of the triggers aren't ideal for SSF feedback (they are only used for flashers,etc), then simply disable them in the PuP-Pack Editor
  • you can also update the Default Bumpers 3D position as well since each table will have them in a different location. Save your updated PuP-Pack


Once you have COMPLETED the PuP-Pack, you can upload the "triggers.pup" file (or the entire PuP-Pack if you have new sound files required) to this thread for others to use. I will then add them to a COMPLETED FX3 SSF PuP-Packs Collection when I have time.







  • this is a collection of the currently "completed" FX3 SSF PuP-Packs
  • these include the extra "Table Specific" triggers that have been updated to include 3D position and Sound Files
  • simply copy these PuP-Packs to your PuPVideos folder AFTER you already have installed the DEFAULT TRIGGERS!
  • nothing is required for complete SSF available for these tables






USAGE: (Read and Follow ALL of the Instructions first)


  • once you have everything installed and setup, simply run DOFLinx and have it running in the background
  • when FX3 loads a table, shortly after its loaded, DOFLinx will load the table's PuP-Pack and trigger SSF sounds while playing


Enjoy FX3 Surround Sound Feedback!


Remember...the more the Community helps out with updating each table's PuP-Pack, the better the SSF experience will be for everyone!






Install and Setup of PuP SSF for FX3


This is the simple version of setting this up with no explanations:


  • install DOF R3++ if you don’t already have it (required for DOFLinx)
  • update / install DOFLinx with the newest 6.30 or higher and have it completely setup for your system
  • change your DOFLinx.ini file to have “PATH_FX3” point to the “FX3_PUPlayer” folder (that has my updated *.FX3 files that include PuP Events)
  • be sure you have a slash at the end, or it won’t work!  “PATH_FX3=C:\DirectOutput\FX3_PUPlayer\”
  • install and setup PinUP System if you haven’t already
  • copy over the DEFAULT TRIGGERS PUP-Packs to “PINUPSYSTEM \ PuPVideos”
  • run the PinUpPlayerConfigDisplays.bat and make sure your PUP’s “Music” screen is set to “Hide Always-Sound Only”
  • turn off “Physics” sounds (or lower them to your preference) in FX3 in game settings (this is the FX3 mechanical sounds on your backbox, NOT SSF)
  • when all setup and ready, run DOFLinx and let it run in the background
  • when FX3 loads a table, DOFLinx will auto load the table’s SSF PuP-Pack



A video demo of how to install and setup DOFLinx:





For a video demo of how to copy and test the DEFAULT TRIGGER PuP-Packs, goto around 8:30 in the video:





For anyone who wants to update any of the ALL TRIGGERS PuP-Packs for table-specific SSF extras….


In the above video, goto  around 12:46 to learn more about how to edit the ALL TRIGGERS PuP-Packs.


Or simply:


Copy over the ALL TRIGGERS PuP-Pack you want to edit…play the table…listen for the “numbers” and note where they came from while you play. Then edit the PuP-Pack and make the changes noted on this picture. Everything is explained in the picture.





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Wow, this is awesome. Now i can take pleasure while playing FX3.

Thank you Terry for this !!

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