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Buck Rogers (Gottlieb 1980) Sound MOD

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200.06 MB File Size
buckrgrs ROM Name
BorgDog-HauntFreaks-Sindbad-Xenonph Created by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1980 Year

4 Screenshots

I first would like to thank BorgDog for giving me permission to make this sound mod. I would also like to thank him for making a great table!! I also would like to thank everyone who contributed to this table including, Hauntfreaks and Sindbad!!
They put in alot of time and work on the original table, and it is appreciated!! So if you like this mod, I would encourage you to thank the original author of the table, as I have only made a few changes!
Check Original Table download page for more important info.
Original Table...

I also would like to thank Allknowing2012 and Gtxjoe for teaching me how to add timers to script.

I also would like to thank DJRobX, STAT, Gtxjoe, and nFozzy, for helping me shorten my StopSounds and PlaySounds script commands.
(They each wrote out an example, and between them all, I was able to figure it out!! BIG THANKS!!!)

I would also like to thank Scottacus for all the help with the TILT sound effects script!! BIG THANKS!!

I also would like to thank Steve "Slydog43" for which these VPX mods would not be possible!!


Version 2.1
Converted all pics to WebP format to reduce overall size of table.(VPX7.2 Required)
Converted Wav files in sound manager to ogg format which reduces file size.
File size went from 166 MB's to 54.3 MB's!!!


Version 2.0
Added Modified version of JPSalas LUT script.
LUT's are toggled with the Buy-In Key.(2 Key)
Added Instruction Card.
Instruction Card Pic uploaded with permission of Inkochnito. (Huge thanks!!)
Find all your Pinball Card needs at Inkochnito's Pinball Cards site:


Version 1.11a
Stopped some timers that were still activated after pressing player1 start.
Added coin sound effect to 3 key.

Version 1.1a
Noticed "Drain" sound effect was missing from sound manager, so I added it to sound manager from another table.
(It was hard to catch this as you could only tell after last ball drain.)

Also fixed script so coin is heard on coin insert.(There was not a coin sound effect named "coin" that the script was calling for. So I just changed to "Coin3" as there were 2 different coin sound effects already in the sound manager.)

Scottacus helped fix the script for DT view objects to disappear when in FS mode.
(If you ran FS view without B2s, the objects didn't disappear as per Scotts info.)

I added GI lights to Buck Rogers Logo and pic on left side of DT backdrop.

Scottacus came up with working TILT sound effects script!! BIG THANKS!! (I will learn this if it kills me!!)
1 of 4 sound effects will be played when you TILT table.

I Added 133 sound effects triggered by events.
All of these sound effects are played through backglass instead of table per Vogliadicanes info.
There are 4 background music sound effects triggered by plunger.(From actual Movie.)
There are 2 other background music sound effects that are not triggered by plunger.
1 is triggered by hitting upper kicker. (1 in 16 chance of triggering it.) Twiggy says "Get Down Groovy" and a groovy song is played.(One from actual movie.)
The other background music sound effect is only played during attract mode after losing a game.
(This is the song that was played at end of tv show. It sounds corny, but true Buck Rogers fans will appreciate it.)

You will need to hit F6 to bring up the Dipswitch Menu, and turn off ROM scoring sounds.
(Or use the nvram I included with download.) Copy the nvram to your nvram folder where Visual Pinball is installed.
I couldn't seem to shut off the ROM sounds and have them turn back on with table exit like other sound mods I have released.
So you will need to turn off these sounds with either method above.

BorgDog has made this in Portrait Mode. STAT left a POV.xml for Landscape Mode as attachment here in BorgDog's Support Topic..

I will include this with download, but be sure to thank STAT for it!!
Simply load table into Visual Pinball Editor, and click "File" tab, then click "Import Backdrop POV".
Then a window will pop up allowing you to browse to BuckRogersPOV.xml.
After importing simply start table. You will need to save the table after making changes, for them to stay

If you are looking for a dB2S Backglass, Borgdog included one with his table download. (I didn't have enough room to include the dB2S Backglass, as these 2 Buck Rogers Sound Mods are over 166 MB's each.)
So you need to go to his download page if you want the dB2S Backglass.

All pics, trademarks, Logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial use only. This table should be used for educational purposes only..

Hope you enjoy!!


I also made a version 1.1b that Scottacus changed all the DT LED's to reels to get his No Credit sound effect script to work, but I have a 720p monitor, so people with other screen resolutions, will see the LED's don't line up correctly. So I will try to get this fixed and have it uploaded shortly. I guess someone with a 1080p monitor will have to line them up correctly, as my screen resolution is 1365x768, which makes them not line up on others monitors.

Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version v2.1   See changelog


Version 2.1
Converted all pics to WebP format to reduce overall size of table.(VPX7.2 Required)
Converted Wav files in sound manager to ogg format which reduces file size.
File size went from 166 MB's to 54.3 MB's!!!

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Another Great Work by Gottlieb from those 80's, I adore this type of Pinball, its old school lights and sounds theme. That is why I am grateful for this Wonderful Table to the community that dedicates so much time to it so that thousands like us can enjoy and long for those days where we could throw a coin at these Pinballs, and thus remember the games played. Greetings from Argentina.

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