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Flip A Card (Gottlieb 1970)_Teisen_MOD

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Loserman76, Hauntfreaks, Grizz, JPSalas, EalaDubhSidhe, Black, Itchigo, CONRAM, akiles50000, Inkochnito, Pinuck, Herweh, JimmyFingers, GNance, Teisen Created by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1970 Year

2 Screenshots

First I would like to thank Loserman76 for the beautiful work... wherever he is playing pinball!
small changes were made only aesthetically
small improvements in the playfield, plastics, lighting,flippers position...  I want to make it clear that the descriptions for the tables I'm sharing are "standard" for all, changes are made when there is a need for some adjustment.
version used, follow the link to the original table   

Adjustments made:
palyfield color adjustment
adjust color and transparency of plastics
new plastics for the upper guides
playfield lights and lighting
flipper adjustment
new metal side guides
color correction and bumper inscription
screw adjustment
inclusion of transparent upper left plastic with support pin
new backdrop with image of Wildman's new B2S
I want to say a big thank you to Wildman for allowing his new B2S to be used for this table! follow link of your new work   

Description of Loserman76:

Gottlieb's Flip A Card (1970)
Table primary build/scripted by Loserman!
Thanks to the following for their contributions (whether they know it or not!)
If I have missed anyone, let me know as this table would not exist without the
folks in the community. 
Hauntfreaks - new images for table and plastics
Grizz - image cuts/pastes from some of his images used on my redraw
JPSalas - gameroom backdrop and methods gleaned from his fantastic tables
EalaDubhSidhe - table object templates
Black - HS save/load routines
Itchigo - table templates which gave me ideas on how to accomplish what I wanted in this table
CONRAM - various code ideas learned by tracing through code on his tables
akiles50000 - for that totally awesome tutorial on table building. So much stuff I now understand because of the work put into this tutorial
Inkochnito - scorecards/instruction cards
Pinuck - Gottlieb chimes and score motor routines
Herweh - directB2S designer and tools
JimmyFingers - rolling ball and other objects' sound routines
GNance - update to spinner code to replicate slowing down
The options menu is now available by holding down the left flipper key for about 2 seconds when a game is not in progress. Once opened, left flipper moves between the different menu items and the right flipper goes through that item's available choices.
For this table, I am using my new method for enabling/disabling the dB2S backglass. By default the backglass is disabled. The easy way to enable it is this method:
1.Launch table and then exit. It will auto-create a file in the USER folder of VPinball named "LMEMTables.txt"
2.Open this file in notepad and change the "0" to a "1" and save.
3.Next time you launch, the backglass will launch.
Or for the die hards out there, create a text file in the USER folder named LMEMTables.txt and put a "1" (no quotes) on the first line and save it.


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