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Black Belt PupPack and Table

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Note: Both of these tables are designed for Single Player Mode only. Multiplayer is not supported and will break the PuPPack interactions.

I could not find a method to determine the starting number of players


Version 3.0.2 -- Update Notes

Table Script Notes:


Big Thanks to AStirling21, Pegula, Jason Schaeffer for helping me test along the way.


BlackBelt v5.33

* Reverted Middle Kicker Change - may result in kicker getting randomly stuck under very rare circumstances

* Added code to non-multiball table to minimize false updates to rank/bonus topper


Pup Pack Notes:

* Fixed belt promotion toppers

* Added more music files into PuP Pack -- Thanks Pegula


BlackBelt v5.32

* Fixed Lock1 failing after many games played without a reset -- lights would no longer change color and could not lock ball

* Added code to prevent ball from locking in kicker 2 - happened on very rare occasions


Pup Pack Notes:

* No Updates



Version 3.0 -- Update Notes

Table Script Notes:


BlackBelt v5.31

* Added scripting to turn on external DMD for pup captures, turned back off on table exit.

* Added check to prevent multiball glitch


Pup Pack Notes:

* No Updates


BlackBelt v5.31

* Added scripting to turn on external DMD for pup captures, turned back off on table exit.


Pup Pack Notes:

* No Updates



Version 2.2 -- Update Notes

Table Script Notes:

BlackBelt v5.21

* Removed bad references to ResetNumDrops Variable


Pup Pack Notes:

No Updates



Version 2.1 -- Update Notes

Table Script Notes:

BlackBelt v5.2

* Improved Table script Shoot Again mode to load from launch lane -- Thanks Bigus1 !

* Improved Kicker1 launch velocity - ball no longer rocket launches through orbit directly between flippers


Pup Pack Notes:

No Updates




Version 2.0.1 -- Update Notes

Table Script Notes:

No Updates


Pup Pack Notes:

* Fixed many of the PUP pack option files that were messed up -- ARGH!!



Version 2.0 -- Update Notes

Table Script Notes:

* Added Shoot Again Feature to this table script.

* It can be a little glitchy if you lose the second ball too fast, triggering unlimited balls, I put a hack in to try to prevent this but I am not sure it's 100% fool proof and certainly not ideal method to prevent the issue.

* Improved logic to track current multiplier and belt rank

* Integration with puppack is only designed for single player mode. GameOver & multiplier bonus will get out of whack in multiplayer mode. (Will try to resolve in verison 3 if I end up getting multiball added to the table)

* Changed default game mode to EASY ( trust post and outlane gates always enabled ) This significantly reduces the ball drains on this table.


Pup Pack Notes:

* Updated Callouts for multiplier and belt ranks. Should be much more accurate and minimize any screen flapping

* Added a new overlay for the backglass

* Added game over videos


Version 1.0

This pup pack is built off a revision of the black belt v4 table. I added some pup Events along with some mods to make the game easier as I found the original to be brutally difficult.


I added options for a trust post as well out lane gate modifier. There are a handful of options for the pup pack displays. 

Change the Difficulty variable as you see fit. It's line 37 in the script, default set to medium ( no gate mod, trust post active)


If you want more music options just add files to the music folder in the pup pack, it's setup for random playlist already.


Would love to have someone like Joe Picaso create a nicer overlay. I am very unskilled so made a basic one.


Thanks to the following folks

JPSalas - v4 of the table 

Destruk - original pinmame code table is based off

Fredobiwan/Dan Langlois - updated table

STATS - not sure what they did




Edited by merlinrtp
v3.0 updated notes

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

The table itself seems to have a black belt in draining balls (LOL!!),  or maybe I just need to get better at it. Either way that goes...I just got this table downloaded and running, and I especially love this PupPack/table combination. It's a lot of fun to play, and will no doubt be finding it's way to my most frequented tables in a short amount of time. Thanks a million, and lotsa respect to all those involved in making this one happen!!!

P.S: You guys rock! That statement isn't only just limited to this table's authors, but rather it's a shout out to all you VP masterminds who have made it possible to play all these great tables at home! I've been educating myself in the art of the PupPack, and through lots of reading..along with even more trial and error..I am quickly becoming fluent in the ways. I've got a couple awesome ideas for new packs I haven't seen out there yet, and am looking forward to starting on them once I learn just a few more things. Thanks again!!

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· Edited by Darlimj

   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

This is fresh!



Perfect!  Easy peasy.  Thanks again!



Would it please be possible to have an option for the pup to only use the film footage and not the video game graphics?

Great work.

Thank you!

Response from the author:

Darlinj, thanks for the review, you can make a minor change to the puppacl to accomplish this.   Uncheck the ACTIVE radio button on the Ball Lost row just above "BELT PROMOTIONS"  See the attached screen shot. Save the puppack if you like that change. Hope this accomplishes what you are looking for, If not let me know.



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What could be better, Martial Arts, Mortal Kombat, Pinball, excellent. Ball drains are monsters. Got three ball drains in a row. But excellent love lit. Thank you so much. Thanks for your hard work and talents to all involved. Full screen pup is great.

Response from the author:

Literally working on that very thing. I just released a new version where I added a shoot again option and turned on the Easy mode by default. I think you will find this version much more fun.. All those assists can be turned off in the script if you want more of a challenge. I also updated the pup pack considerably with better callouts and some additional callouts.

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For a decent table that was lost in the shuffle, this is the pup pack you didn't know you needed until Merlin created it!  Awesome Work dude.  So glad I was able to help you find some bugs and test with you.   and the MK ball lost callouts are an awesome touch!

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Great pup pack.  Installed yesterday for the black belt table.  The Bruce Lee videos really add to the atmosphere.  Awesome work!!


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