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King Kong - Data East - 1990 - Wip

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Ok, so I've never actually completed a VP build before so take this thread with a grain of salt.... If anyone else is working on this feel free to continue with your build as I'm not making any promises to complete this.  I'm going to work on this as much as I can, but I'm not an artist nor a coder, so no promises.  If anyone would like to work with me on this, particularly with coding and lighting please let me know.


I started building this yesterday so I'm not that far along yet.



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You  started it Dazz now YOU WILL DO IT  :D


EDIT..I hope that "ADMIN" from that  "OTHER SITE" gave you permission to do it ? It is more then 3 years old right ? or is it 6...7..8? cant keep track..  You wouldnt want to be

accused of  Douchebaggery...whatever the fuck that is  LOL   :rolleyes: 

Guess time for a new bg  ;) 

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well without a table and manual, it will be difficult, but not impossible, put king kong rom into torpedo alley and play with the service menu, change some switches to display their names on the menu and we can guess where they are.


I'm not a table builder, but i know so much about switches and solenoid mappings, let me know if you need help ;)

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i don´t have a manual for this one but i played around a bit with the VisualRomRunner and this is what i found out. Could be that there´s missing something but hope not :)


1 Plumb Tilt
3 Credit Button
4 Right Coin
5 Center Coin
6 Left Coin
7 Tilt Slam
8 Ticket
10 Outhole
11 Trough Left
12 Trough Center
13 Trough Right
14 Shooter Lane
15 Left Flipper
16 Right Flipper
17 Left Outlane
18 Left Return
19 Right Outlane
20 Right Return
21 Left Sling
22 Right Sling
23 Wacker Drive
25 Ape Lane A
26 Ape Lane P
27 Ape Lane E
28 Ape Lane Ramp
29 Lock VUK
30 Missile Kicker
31 Loop Left
32 Loop Right
33 Tower T
34 Tower o
35 Tower W
36 Tower E
37 Tower R
38 Lock Bottom
39 Lock Center
40 Lock Top
41 DT Left
42 DT Center
43 DT Right
45 Radar Eject
46 Bumper Left
47 Bumper Center
48 Bumper Right
49 Cubs Target
50 Bears Target
51 Bulls Target
1 King K
2 King I
3 King N
4 King G
5 Kong K
6 Kong O
7 Kong N
8 Kong G
9 Tower T
10 Tower O
11 Tower W
12 Towet E
13 Tower R
14 Cubs
15 Bears
16 Bulls
17 DT Left
18 DT Center
19 DT Right
20 Not Used
21 Tower 25000
22 Tower 50000
23 Tower 100000
24 Tower Ex.Ball
25 Lock Red
26 Lock Yellow
27 Lock Green
28 City Bonus
29 Ape Ramp 25000
30 Ape Ramp 50000
31 Ape Ramp 100000
32 Million Bananas
33 2x
34 3x
35 4x
36 5x
37 Go Ape Again
38 Eject Ex. Ball
39 Everything Lit
40 Jungle Bonus
41 Loop 25000
42 Loop 50000
43 Loop 100000
44 Loop Ex.Ball
45 S Replay Arrow
46 Not Used
47 Tower 3000000
48 Special Left
49 Jackpot 1000000
50 Jackpot 2000000
51 Jackpot 3000000
52 Jackpot 4000000
53 Jackpot 5000000
54 Jackpot S Replay
55 Not Used
56 Special Right
57 Missile 25000
58 Missile 50000
59 Missile 75000
60 Missile 100000
61 Missile 1000000
62 Ape Lane A
63 Ape Lane P
64 Ape Lane E
1 King Shooter
2 Kong Shooter
3 Ape Ramp BG Skul
4 BG DNSRS Shooter
5 BG Tower 25000
6 BG Tower 50000
7 BG Tower 100000
8 BG Tower Ex. Ball
9 BG Tower Million
11 Gen Illm
12 BG Girl Missile
13 BG Kong Explode
14 Tower Flasher
15 Skull Island
16 Missile Launch
17 Bumper Left
18 Bumper Center
19 Bumper Right
20 Sling Left
21 Sling Right
25 Outhole
26 Shooter Eject
27 Lock Release
28 Radar Eject
29 Ball Lock
30 Drop Target
32 Ticket
45 Flipper RightU
46 Flipper Right
47 Flipper LeftU
48 Flipper Left
Hope this will help a little for building the table and the DOF config´s ^^
greetz dup3d

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This is a very cool table. I played it before and there are some neat things like the animated slings, ball locks, interesting exits, and a very flashy backglass.


So if you are using the future pinball version for some layout ideas, there are some corrections to it.

According to an owner: The skill shot should go to the upper right playfield to spell APE, not going into the pops.


It will be cool to control the game once and for all with the newly dumped roms.


Also HEP posted a nice gameplay video of one of 3 King Kongs he is restoring.


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Very interesting about the skillshot...  I exported the blueprints from the FP version and have been using that as a base to create this one.  One of my issues was that when I do a plunge the ball wants to go up the ramp and not into the jets. I've been adjusting the shooter lane.

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By the way if you want to fool around with this load up JPs Back_to_the_Future_VP911_v1.0FS.vpt

and change the rom to the kong rom and just about everything works - locks, multiball, extra ball, etc. Really fun.

It would probably give you good inspiration for your build.

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I've gotten a bit further on the build.  Thanks to Rascal; we were able to export the jet bumpers and get them setup as animated primitives.  They look great.  I am having issues with how to build the multiple entrance ramp on the left side of the playfield.  We exported the FP ramp model and imported it into VP.  It looked great but the back of the model is too high and would cause the other ramp to become too steep.  I think I'm going to have to build the ramp in VP instead of going the model route.  

On a better note... I have the skill shot working like the video.  The plunge shot goes up the ramp and onto the upper playfield with the APE lights.  Also got the posts on the upper playfield positioned and looking good.  Of course my building skills aren't comparable to our other authors, but I think what I've done so far isn't too bad.  Going to try and tackle the multiple targets if I can figure out P1's tutorial.


P1 did some basic GI this evening.



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ya goin to help dazz out with this one now.


big thanks to dup3d for finding out the light matrix for me :D


all light inserts will be in and scripted by the time i crash dazz



Edit: Wow !!!! i actually just watched the fantastic quality video that luv posted.

i had never even seen a pic before i saw dazz making it in the chatroom and now i have watched this video im really pumped to play it.

count me in for help on the whole build dazz this will be cool


but that left ramp is going to be a bitch to build right LOL

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