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[New B2S Alert] The Addams Family (Bally 1992) 2 & 3 screens directb2s b2s db2s and wheel

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The Addams Family (Bally 1992) 2 & 3 screens directb2s b2s db2s and wheel

  • Full rebuild from scratch
  • New HD translite image
  • 3 versions : 2560 x 2370 Big Grill • 2560 x 1871 Mini Grill • 1280x1024 2 Screens
  • For 2 and 3 screens
  • Authentic lamps placement, Rom ID and animations
  • Authentic translite mask
  • Photoshop lighting
  • Concerning the 2 screens version, the grill match perfectly with a DMD 648 x 168 px.
  • Concerning the 2560px version, choose the "hidden" grill option to keep only the mini grill with "* T.H.I.N.G *"
  • Wheel image included


Thanks you to @g5k, @Sliderpoint and @3rdAxis for this amazing table recreation.

A special thank you to @g5k who shares his magnificents graphics tables : TAF ; AFM and T2... lot of very hard work !  (and all the other authors as well).

Link to the table : https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/the-addams-family-bally-1992-v2-1-g5k-sliderpoint-3rdaxis/



Video Preview (1280 version) :



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