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DOF controlled Game room lights in pinball design

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To illuminate my game room I created 3D printed lights, designed similar to pinball bumpers/towers.
Inside they have ledstrips, connected via Wifi to the pinball cabinet (avoiding cables through the room) controlled with DOF.

The lamps are a combination of background light and game actions.

The video shows typical animations and background lights for several games:

If you do not have a 3D printer, you might use purchased lamps, etc.

I'm using two bumpers mounted on a plate, two of these, one each side of the room.
As I could run a (hidden) cable between both I needed only one Wifi controller + power supply for both. Of course you could use one controller/power supply per lamp, if needed.

To build it, you need access to a 3D printer, material need is < 1 kg ($20)
Two wood plates to mount it.
1 x Wemos D1 mini (ESP8266) ($4 in China via ebay)
1 x 2 channel relais board (for Arduino) ($1 in China)
1 x 5V 15A power supply ($20)
4 x "8x5-40-LED-Matrix-WS2812-LED-5050-RGB-Full-Color-Driver-Board-For-Arduino" ($8 China)
1 x IC 74HCT245 (20 Cent)
some cables, some resistors...

Build the controller on a breadboard, when working you might want to solder it on a prototyping board to get it small and fit into a case.

3D files to download and print are here:
There are some picture how the printed part looks and how to mount the LED's as well.

Here is the source for the controller. You need to download and install Arduino IDE to upload the firmware.
If you never did so before, search for "wemos arduino tutorial"
example: http://www.instructables.com/id/Programming-the-WeMos-Using-Arduino-SoftwareIDE/

Start with a "blink" example.

When ready, open the source.
Enter your Wifi data to allow it to connect.
Either check your router or use the serial monitor to learn the IP address of the device (and check if Wifi connection worked).
If the ledstrips, relais, power are connected correctly, it will start by enabling the relais and run a green LED through the strip.

BTW, the relais are used to shutdown the power supply.
The Wemos (using a Power/USB adapter, 1Ah is fine) is always connected to power.
It will "wakeup" as soon you start playing pinball.
Then it will power on via the relais the 5V power supply, avoiding that this thing is always connected to power
and burn energy (or burn your house on failure).
After 60 seconds without signal it will shutdown the power supply automatically.

The controller responds to Artnet universe 1+2 for pinball.
If you have an Artnet controller on your smartphone (or your smart house, such as Homematic or Siri with Homebridge), 
it will respond to Universe 0. The first 3 lamps represent RGB, so you can setup a background light for your room even if you don't play.

Finally you need to setup DOF.
The cabinet.xml is huge, as you need to define all lamps, for each color.
I upload mine as example, if you use the same number of LED's, you can just copy&paste.

Finally you need to setup DOF and download the directoutputconfig100.ini file.
An example how from my setup is enclosed.
Good luck - and much fun.


DOF config1.png

DOF config2.png

Pinball Artnet Ledstrip.png




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