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How to use a B2S background image, resize the B2S aspect ratio and position a 16:9 B2S DMD on your 4:1 LCD DMD maintaining aspect ratio


This is a tutorial that will show how to use background images for your B2S back-glass, resize the aspect ratio of the B2S back-glass and place a 16:9 B2S DMD on your 4:1 LCD DMD.

Special thanks to @hauntfreaks for his excellent B2S content, and both @hauntfreaks and @Cliffy for their feedback and encouragement on making this tutorial.  Also a huge thanks to @jarr3 for the massive improvements in the B2S server!


I also want to thank @NailBuster for his excellent virtual pinball related documentation, not to mention the absolutely incredible Pin-Up software packages.  Without his documentation on the screenres.txt layout I may not have been able to come up with this solution.


A big thank you to all of the content creators that make this hobby possible for an old gen-x'er like myself.  I hope the attached tutorial will prove useful to someone, and I'm always up for suggestions or improvements.



B2S Background and DMD Positioning.pdf

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