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KL25z/Pinscape + Joytokey conflict?

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Well, I have another issue.  I was able to install my tilt bob and program it to send the tilt signal to VP.  It was working WONDERFULLY - until (coincidentally?) the latest Windows update.  Now my cab buttons don't work when the KL25z is plugged in and programmed to deliver a button press.  If I revert settings so that there are no button inputs from the KL25z, everything works fine again - the cab buttons work, the KL25z accelerometer works - but of course, I don't have tilt functionality.


Anyone see this problem before?  I assume enabling button presses on the KL25z is somehow disabling JoytoKey now, but I don't understand why they worked together previously, and now they don't.

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Figured it out.  I had to specify my cab and the KL25Z as separate joysticks in Joytokey.  Again, I don't know why my setup worked previous to this if I wasn't doing that before, but nevertheless, it's working now.

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