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DOF Plasma effect - how do the colours work?

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Anyone here any good with the APC DOF command?  I've been doing some testing, and best as I can tell, the colour that is used with the APC command makes zero difference to the result.  For instance:

W13 Green AW100 APCGold will look identical (a green plasma) to 

W13 Green AW100 APCBlue which will look identical (a green plasma) to 

W13 Green AW100 APCYellow (a green plasma)

The only thing that affects the colour is the main colour code after the trigger.  Is this right?  Or am I missing something?


Secondly, the effect of the main colour code seems to vary depending on the choice.  Simple colours (blue, green etc) seem only to create a plasma that varies in intensity of that colour (i.e. different shades of blue, green etc).  But some colours (e.g. red) create plasma effects with wide varieties of shade from red to yellow to green.  What's going on? 

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