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Hello everyone, I have a problem with a simpson pinball party pinball.  Every time I restart the pinball, the pin2dmd gets stuck on the "Virtual Pinball" image.


If I reset the pin2dmd, it starts again without problem. So I have to open the flipper each time I start it up to reset the pin2dmd. The pin2dmd is up to date and I have vbobrusev's colorization. Any ideas ?

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Settings are not stored correct, that’s the reason the dmd starts in vpin mode. That’s the default start mode. 

go into the dmd menu, set device mode to whitestar, save the settings and you should be good to go. 

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The Virtual Pinball setting will auto detect the machine mode at boot. It's possible something is preventing it from detecting when you restart. You could try to set the display device in the config to Stern Whitestar and see if that fixes it. If not try Data East/Sega setting. Make sure to save in between.


If that doesn't resolve it there may be something else going on.

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