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Hello everyone I’m trying to get some information on pinup popper set up file locations. I have recently changed out my PC in my cab, and I have reset up all of my emulators and migrated all of my media/settings from the old PC to the new one. The questions I have are when I reinstalled all the software on the new PC i used Baller installer to make it more convenient and get everything up-to-date and now I am in the process of moving all my media and everything from the old set up to the new and I’m finding that the file structure is different when using Baller installer then when I originally installed pinup systems  on my old PC of version 1.4.3. Non-Baller installer.   I want to find out what files and locations to look in, to migrate from old to new so my set up works again I guess what I’m asking in short is what files hold all the information for media manager and pinup menu so I can move them to the new install   And have everything show up properly in my media manager and in the front end when I start it. Also, just an FYI my pin up system location has changed from the original install on my old PC. So if there is any sort of set up files that hold that information, I would need to modify that location.    Any help would be appreciated. I have managed to get some things moved properly, but when starting up the front end, only certain things are there and functioning.

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