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I have multiple purposes for my question, but mainly I'm wanting to update some table downloads with higher resolution playfields and plastics as they were edited prior to any resizing the author(s) did.  It seems that these two items are the most important of all things in order to preserve them for the future.  I know about EBisLIt, but that's a limited collection and most of the time not as they exist in the VPX file.  I'm looking for something with more of a definitive collection.  Sure, I've got some upscale methods that work pretty good in most cases.  However, nothing would be better than having those originals before final resizing and any fidelity is lost.

Do we have or is there a resource for higher resolution playfields and plastics as they exist in the releases *prior* to any resizing?

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What about a new category for such to be uploaded to?  There's several playfields and plastics I've done image work on for personal use without requiring a new release and/or I've not got permission to mod/release.    I believe a lot of other people do this sort of stuff and would be good to have a fixed resource to share these things.  Thoughts? 

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