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 I have Pinup Popper set up on an external HDD (F). VP and everything else is there too. I used the Blood Machines installer (couldn't figure out how to get it going myself) on main C drive where Windows is. Tried running my tables on F and it used the VP installation on C. Uninstalled the C and now when I try to run a table by double clicking it can't find a program associated with it "how do you want to open this file?". Sucks because I have over 600 tables and have used PP to add media for it's launcher. I realize I won't lose the tables, b2s or music but I will lose all the media input through PP.


Update- On VPforums I received this reply: Shift right click, open with, then select vpx and check "always". Did that but accidently selected a b2s- how do I change that back? I also did it with the VPX files. Did both by selecting the vpinball.exe in VPinball/Visual Pinball. Now when I double click a table instead of playing it, a box pops up instructing me to select a table to play. Anything I try to run gets a runtime error Cannot create ActiveX component. 


I think I really screwed up PP. What do you guys suggest? Reinstall PP and add the media back a table at a time? I also used Freezy's dmd extension and tweaked a lot of dmds- will I have to redo that as well?

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