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I need some pc upgrade help as well please. I just upgraded my playfield to an LG C2 42" running at 4k 120hz. I have G-sync enabled with VRR on. In VPX I have v-sync set to 1 and max pre-rendered frames set to 1.

After some testing on different tables recording VPX average FPS and using MSI Afterburner to monitor CPU and GPU usage on poor performing tables these are my results.




Star Wars Bounty Hunter - AVG FPS=119.5 GPU USAGE=66% CPU USAGE=73-79% PUP PACK=No

Indian Jones Pinball Adventure VPW - AVG FPS=75 GPU USAGE=76% CPU USAGE=100% PUP PACK=Yes



Big Trouble in Little China - AVG FPS=116 GPU USAGE=NA CPU USAGE=NA PUP PACK=Yes



Looking at the data I can see the tables with low FPS are because the CPU is maxed out. I also only have 8gb of DDR3 1600 which might not help.


I have another PC that I could replace the one in my cab with but I wonder if it will be able to handle the newer tables and their demands.


I'm just really not looking forward to moving my whole setup to a new pc. Supposedly windows could play nice and most everything will work but I doubt it. I currently have everything setup with Pinup Popper. VPX, FP and FX3. My cabinet has 4 screens in total. It has DOF and DOF Linx setup for all emulators for my leds, actuators, and vibration motor. It's taken me 10 years to do all this lol. 


So back to my main issue. What to do about my PC. Any help or opinions would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post. If I should post this somewhere else please let me know.


Current PC in Cab

CPU - i5-3570k @3.4ghz (stock)

GPU - 3060ti

RAM - 8gb DDR3

Hard Drive - 1tb SSD


Possible Replacement PC I Own

CPU - i5-9600K @3.7 ghz

RAM - 16gb DDR4


Possible Purchase Parts?

CPU - i3-12100F @3.3 ghz = amazon $107

Motherboard - Gigabyte H610M S2H = amazon $90

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Well, it's 100% your CPU that's an issue (RAM is easy to check, have a look at task manager and see what it's reporting mid game in usage... 16GB wont hurt though ;).  Although, turn off vSync, that's increasing your latency for no real reason on a static playfield...


the 9600k is "maybe" ok but it's not socket compatible with the 3570 mobo (1155 vs 1151) so does that really help you?  the i3-12100F is prob the way to go as it has more boost speed available and IPC is better given the generational improvements.  I've found vPIN isnt super brilliant at using more cores but it eats Ghz and IPC happily...


You will have a good chance of windows sorting itself out but it's not guarnateed.  Copy all the VPX/DirectConfig and PUP folders off to a backup area.  they are all dop in capable if you ahve to re install WIndows.  it would all most ly work seemlessly!


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