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I don't know if I'll ever be allowed to release this, but I have reworked TNA playfield and plastics.  Still have no contact from previous authors.    It's turning out beautiful though for at least personal play.




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5 hours ago, ashleyb said:

Looks great @redbone  I believe there’s a version of TNA coming from VPW at some point also.

Yep, I understand that they are...   I'm going to keep working on mine too in hopes they might be able to use some of my resources or I get an opportunity to release one as well one day. :)

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51 minutes ago, redbone said:

I've tidied up the pinstripes on the plastics.    If someone knows whom I should contact for a release, please let me know here... :)


I think that TNA was developed by gtxjoe (I think), I’ve found him on here https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showuser=62074


Or you could ask in this discord group if you’re already or become a member,



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If anyone wants it, this ball image looks ridiculous in this table.

Import it and then just create another case in the script and add this in the right spot:


' redbone ball_plasma
CustomBallGlow(10) =         True
CustomBallImage(10) =         "ball_plasma"
CustomBallLogoMode(10) =     False
CustomBallDecal(10) =         "ball_plasma"
CustomBulbIntensity(10) =     0
GBred(10) = 128 : GBgreen(10)    = 128 : GBblue(10) = 128


Or if you use it in other tables - Just set the "ball image" and "decal" to the same image at the table properties on the visuals tab







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@gtxjoe  I've sent you some private messages - let me know if you would allow me to do a release.  I've rebuilt the plastics, smoothed out plastics in vpx editor, changed material of plastics to dynamic, upscaled playfield and reworked it a bit.    It's a significant upgrade. I understand VPW may or may not be working on this table, but I feel what I've done is a significant increase of quality.  PLUS - it's really not available anywhere at the moment???  vpdb.io is broken and i've only seen the 1.4 version for download.  However, I have the base 1.5 version that I've been working with.


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