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Anybody have an idea what would cause the ball to float above the table when in manual ball control, but otherwise play fine when playing the table?

I was working on an EM table (Monte Carlo - Bally 1973), when I noticed this behavior. I can't figure out where to look for the issue.

(I already checked the Z-Scale of the table - it is set to zero)


Thanks in advance!




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leaving this here for future reference:


Apparently on this table (and a few other EM's I have seen), if you go into manual ball control while the ball is sitting in the shooter lane the z axis floats up to 80. I found that if you fire the ball out of the shooter lane first then start manual ball control the z axis stays at 25 (as it should).

Not sure if this is a bug somewhere, or what.


I checked the Z axis of the ball before moving it from the shooter lane, and it is 25. It only floats up to 80 once you manually move the ball somewhere else on the playfield.





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