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Hi dear reader, 

kcron666 🥰was so kind and provided me some nice artwork i want to use to create a real animated b2s backglass. 

I activated b2s server in the table and added some lights and triggers to the artwork. 

So well so, good but only the flipper triggers 101,102 (skull left, right) and 122 (game start LED) seem to work. Trigger for slingshots 103,104 and bumbers 105,106,107 just dont do it. 
There a little bit lot of lamps atm cause i was trying what works, what not because its my first animated b2s. 
Maybe could help me with this false behavior ? 

But i need a breake now because i cant look anymore on this evil face 👺

Here are some B2S Editor Informations: 


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Seems to have smth to do with DOFPulse used with slingshots and Flippers use DOFOn.
Changing to DOFOn atleast turns the lights on (not off).

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Was going to older original tables and had a look at some. 
I copied the b2s routine from javier1515's Metal Slug to my Vodoo and looked also at the matching b2s. 
Now i have a flashing light on my backglass corisponding to my slingshot :)


Sub LeftSlingShot_Slingshot
	DOF 103,DOFPulse
	RandomSoundSlingshotLeft LeftInlane
	LSling.Visible = 0
	LSling1.Visible = 1
	sling2.TransZ = -20
	LStep = 0
	LeftSlingShot.TimerEnabled = 1
End Sub


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