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Hi, hope you can help.  Managed to get colourised DMD's working, managed to get the .pac ones and 64 bit colour working too.  However stuck fast with 3 x STERN tables (AC/DC, Metallica & Star Trek)


I am using a Desktop PC running W10


I hope I have explained below as much as possible - may make it easy to understand where I have gone wrong


1.  Star Trek table (Game Name Star Trek (Stern) Limited Edition (V1.61) ROM set name st_161h

2.  Downloaded ROM from this site st_161h 

3.  Game loads fine (not in colour)

4.  From this site downloaded st_161hc_BySharkky (for LE)

5.  Extracted files and downloaded bspatch from ROMHacking


**link on this site under STLE Premium, just has bsdiff & bspatch - no CMD prompt?**


6.  Read me states "bspatch ST161LE.bin st_161hc.bin st_161hc_BySharkky.diff"


This is where I may be making mistakes


7. Opened Prompt and pasted the above into there - no action / no changes to files / folders

8.  I amended the name of the extracted ROM file st_161h to ST161LE to match the readme in Sharkky's file

9.  re-ran the Prompt and pasted the above into it - this resulted in a new file being created st_161hc (57,006 kb rather than 57,344 kb)


**I am presuming this is correct for patching given a new file was created??**


10.  I zipped this up and re-named it st_161h and the zip folder the same

11.  altcolor folder created named st_161h and pin2pin.pal placed in here

12.  Error when table loaded "ROM set is missing" although name matches by way of Zip file and .bin file inside

13.   I changed Line 7o in script to amend ROM name from st_161h to st_161hc and ensured matched .zip, .bin and altcolor

14.  re-loaded the table and ROM set missing message again, but Game Name now stated Colored MOD)


I am sure I am making some rookie error and it relates to this patch.  I am guessing a file st_161hc.bin should be created


The strange thing is AC/DC seemed to work in colour without doing any patching?  I just placed thepin2d.pal in the corresponding altcolor folder and it seems ok??


Many thanks

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A bit hairy those patch things but you can use the provided tools from this website wich worked fine for me. But if I remember it correctly sometimes the readme info is not correct so maybe try to read the comments as well. They all work but I don't know wich ones were giving me problems when I patched them a while ago


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