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I have been playing pinball on vpx for years.  Never had any issues, always very snappy, 100+fps.  I recently upgraded to a 4k monitor and wanted to use my original monitor for backglass and dmd.  I decided to uninstall vpx and install using baller installer, so i could get popper front end, etc.  I have been dealing with lag issues ever since.  I tried numerous tweaks to get the 4k monitor to work, but gave up and reverted back to my original setup.  It's still laggy as hell.  It's 140+fps at rest but will drop down to 15fps and get jumpy (flippers are almost unresponsive, but i can hear the sound and ball reaction matches when i blindly hit a shot).  I tried setting vpx to low end pc (even though high end pc worked great before); no change.  Turned dmd off, set everything to min, reset computer, turned rez down to 720p and still doesn't work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I would like to avoid formatting my hdd and reinstalling everything because I use this pc for hd audio playback to my preamp and it took a while to get that dialed in.  This discussion started on reddit: 


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