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Table is great but I have this problem and I think is only me,


when playing is great, but when a loose the ball it take a long time to count the bonuses and pull out the second ball, or the third or just finish and do the  match at the end of the game. For example if I loose the ball, for 5 seconds  nothing happend, and count some bonus, stop 5 more second count the next bonus, stop other 5 second and count more bonus... at the en before the next ball is released is like 20 seconds.


I download the pup video pack like 3 times, I upgrade my pc hardware, download the last VPX table file version, and still the same issue, that i dont have with any other pup pack video pack. 

The only thing is i have windows playfield in portrait mode, not sure if that could be a problem, but not with other puppacks, like iron maiden or any other.. 


Any idea what to tweak to fix this issue.?



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