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I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 and PipUp Popper on my Steam Deck.  When I run some of the VPX tables I installed I can press 5 to add coins but when pressing 1 to start game doesn't work.  It is only a few tables that are doing this.  What should I check?

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Hi, I'm a new member also running PUP on a Steam Deck attached to an ALP. I've experienced the same almost exclusively on Williams machines the first time I load. If I close it out and launch again for some reason it works the second go-around. Best I can tell it needs to run some sort of initialization the first time the table is run in Visual Pinball. I defer to anyone more knowledgeable on this, but you may want to try just launching the tables in question again.


Otherwise there are a handful of tables that have funky start buttons - these can usually be found and changed in the table script.

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