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I'm in the process of adding a Zebs Board TAO setup. I purchased 10 starter solenoids to mount. My question is regarding the solenoid mounting. I've seen 2x4's put inside the cabinet to mount the solenoids on in various spots. I've also seen some mount on the underside of the playfield.. My playfield is on a hinge, so I could do that. My plan is to use a plug and socket type setup so I can remove easily.  My pc is in a case in the cabinet, but it comes out through the front. If I mount wood across the cab, it will make it more challenging to get to the pc if needed. I imagine the cross bars would need to be mounted solid to the cabinet so the effect gets transferred to the cab. I was thinking about mounting  the left and right solenoids on the sides of the cabinet and the middle solenoids to the underside of the playfield. I haven't seen too many pics of the inside of peoples cabinets. I'm looking for some suggestions and pictures of inside of cabs.. I'm using a Williams wide body cabinet for my build.

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This is inside my setup... there's NOT a lot of space left so I have put my flipper and slingshot solenoids roughly in line with where they appear on the playfield screen. It works!  I did try the flipper ones attached to the side by the  buttons themselves.  I found that i could "feel" them more there but it wasnt as natural (as you dont feel the kick through a real button).  the layout below  makes the clicks line up with the actions one screen and you can feel a little.


Hope it helps. 32" cab BTW that's why there's a lack of space....




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It may not be the neatest. But my vpin. Has 10 contactors. A stern shaker, 5 bar rgb, 2 beacons, 2 Flashers, and a fan plus a pinscape that Hopefully soon will drill the hole for the plunger, and gear motor. And a chime unit.

Plus a set of 10 thunderclaps sitting new in box since 2020 I think? 


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