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Some Tables Don't Run With Ledwiz


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Hi guy's


first of all - i tryed the DOF Beta in my Cab and the results are awsame!

any micro stutter are gone - especially on the new STTNG and Hurricane - a greate new system!


now my question.


I got some Tables, wich aren`t work with the DOF in Ledwizmode


- Houted House

- Laser Wars

- Playboy (new Stern)

- cirqus voltaire (the reason is the missing directb2s Backglass - there is only a b2s.exe- maybe anyone had a solution)


i would be cool, if anyone had some solutions for me





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i got all of them working with DOF


Haunted House, use the version that doesn't have toolbox

Lase war, don't see why it shouldn't work, use b2s.server..?

playboy, i don't know

do you have some logs from these two tables?

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so manbo an I tested the table its the same 


the log of DOF

2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Global config loaded from: C:\VISUAL PINBALL\TABLES\PLUGINS\DIRECTOUTPUT\GlobalConfig_B2SServer.xml
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Loading Pinball parts
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Loading script files
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Script files loaded
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Loading cabinet
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	No cabinet config file loaded. Will use AutoConfig.
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Cabinet auto configuration started
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Detected and added LedWiz Nr. 1 with name LedWiz 01
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Added LedwizEquivalent Nr. 1 with name LedWiz 01 Equivalent for Ledwiz Nr. 1
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Cabinet auto configuration finished
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Cabinet loaded
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Loading table config
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Warning: No table config file found. Will try to load config from LedControl file(s).
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Will try to load configs from DirectOutput.ini or LedControl.ini file(s) for RomName hh
2013.10.17 19:41:54.018	Loading LedControl file C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\directoutputconfig.ini
2013.10.17 19:41:54.058	Warning: To many outputs (>32) are configured in the following line robo,S16/S48,S25/S26/S46,W21,S27/S28/S30/W46 Blue,0,S29/W48 Blue,W22,W47 Blue,0,0,S27 300/S28 300/S29 300/S30 300/S32 300/W31 420 24/W32 400 10,W23 600 I32,ON Blue,0,0,S4 Purple/S5 Orange/S6 Green/S13 Blue/W48 Blue,S1 Yellow/S2 Red/S3 Yellow/S14 Red/S15 Blue/W22 Blue/W27 Red,S12 Red/S25 White/W26 Yellow/W41 Yellow/W42 Yellow/W43 Yellow/W47 Blue,S9 Blue/W21 Blue/W25 Green/W44 Red,S7 Red/S8 White/S16 Red/W33 Green/W34 Green/W35 Green/W36 Green/W46 Blue
2013.10.17 19:41:54.078	1 directoutput.ini or ledcontrol.ini files loaded.
2013.10.17 19:41:54.078	Config for RomName hh exists in LedControl data. Updating cabinet and config.
2013.10.17 19:41:54.078	Finishing framework
2013.10.17 19:41:54.078	EXCEPTION: A exception occured while finishing the DirectOupt framework.
2013.10.17 19:41:54.078	EXCEPTION: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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