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I have recently had a few tables that give me the following error as soon as I load them:

Runtime error

Runtime error
Line: 1
Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Controller.ROMName'

Stack trace (Most recent call first):
    NVOffset (rom=Empty, nvpath="F:\vPinball\VisualPinball\VPinMame\nvram\", vv=Empty, v=Empty, nvcheck={...}, check={...}, Version=13)


This seems to happen on tables that are modded.  This particular one is Black Tiger and it uses Pharoah - at least I think it does.  This is in the script:

Const cGameName="pharo_l2"


How do I fix this?  I have tried using an alias, but I still get that error?  I don't think this needs an nvram file, does it?  Anyway, thanks for any help.

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