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19 hours ago, Newsboy said:

Oooh, exciting! Keen to see this progress!

there will be no progress, at least not in the near future.. fastdraw only scans the table/pf. never does any coding/scripting etc. since the new stern tables require the script to all be 'hand done' it's quite a task. that paired with the vpin guys not wanting to step on toes by working on tables currently being sold by stern etc. probably be years before anything is done.


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Ahhh that's a real shame. I'm still relatively new to the scene and didn't realise there would be issues with Stern considering this hobby isn't for profit. Is there somewhere I can read more about this?

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The community tries not to emulate new tables that are currently being sold by manufacturers.

It is more about the preservation of tables, than trying to keep pace with Stern's newest manufactured tables.

Stern is one of the last (Still in business) Pinball Manufacturers.

Best not to bite one of the last hands that feeds the Virtual Pinball Community.


That being said, I enjoy fastdraws WIP topics.

He seems to have a passion for what he does, and at least he is contributing something to the community.

He may not complete, or script the tables fully, but what he does do is not an easy task.

Just try it yourself, and scan a playfield, and plastics, and everything else off of a brand new table, and build the VP table so it looks the same as the original.


Carry on.

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