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I'm a bit baffled. I've been running VPX (through pinup popper) for over a year with no problems.


Yesterday I added VPX version 7.2 to run Iron Man and in getting that sorted I wonder if I tweaked something in the VPX controller settings.


But the plunger (VirtuaPin) works fine in VPX for games with a visible plunger, but for games with a hidden plunger, the plunger doesn't work, and for some of the games, the right flipper triggers the plunger, while for others, nothing will trigger it.


Any suggestions?


Thank you!


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i was gonna say usually for me when i get crazy things happening like the ball  launching when i press the right flipper button it usually means im playing a brand new table and i haven't updated my dof, using the online dof config tool.  But you got yours working so I guess I would be wrong. lol.  I have the same plunger, I have used the pinscape tool to dial in the settings.  (mine uses a potentiometer) (sorry i probably butchered that word) anyway I don't know how to change the settings to get it in working condition.  For example for the vpx table 24, if i pull the plunger all the way back and let it go , it will launch i guess normally, but then I go to another table, and i can't even launch it using the actual plunger, it just rolls back down and i have to use my fire button i installed.  and forget nudging, my machine is huge so when i hit it , it barely moves, but when i was playing on my buddies cabinet it didn't matter with his, i was able to nudge nice and easy to move the ball.  

Any chance you could post a photo of your vpx controls settings.  ive tried making the numbers super high and super low and i can't seam to get it working.  I've only used the pinscape config tool to calibrate it so i don't know why its not working properly.  I know everyones systems are different , even if we have the same exact plunger , how our kl25z board is mounted , etc, all comes into play, but I want to atleast know that i have the correct boxes checked off to try and fix it.  thanks if you or anyone else can help


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