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Hi guys,


I am late to the DOF party (i was on vacation).   I am just trying to get DOF to run, and i thought i would start with a simple "drop-in-replacement"  installation.


EDIT:  Everyting work perfectly now, i made a typo when adding the arepluginson   to the xml


-  I put the new b2s backglass files in my tables folder

- i created a config folder inside my tables folder

- i created a directoutput folder inside my config folder

- i put the DOF files inside the directoutput folder

- i put my newly generated directoutputconfig.ini file inside my directoutput folder

- i deleted ledcontrol.vbs, ledwiztoolbox.vbs, and ledcontrol.ini from my tables folder

- i clicked the register file inside my directoutput folder


I get no errors, but no output either when starting a table, i tried regular tables, and also Arngrims Scarface DOF version.  The DOF test application gives me a .net nullreference error when trying to load a table that way


Am i correct in assuming that for a simple 1 ledwiz config, the above steps are all that is neccesary to get DOF work? Clearly i am missing something.


if anyone could help me out here that would be awesome, thanks.


Note: everything is working great so far: no stuttering or other problems. DOF solved my problems as I described them here:http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/558-vpledwiz-crazy-stutter-hyperpinvpledwiz-no-stutter/


I am now free to try another frontend, rather than being tied to Hyperpin!! Thank you!

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