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[New VP10 Hybrid Alert] Family Guy

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Family Guy

Here i want to present to you a full rebuild of Ninuzzus´s great table "Family Guy".

For this Version i have used my pre-released Version as a base and rebuild it to match it more the real one.


Included :


- Full rebuild of the Layout

- nFozzy Physics

- FleepSounds

- DropTargets by Rothbaurw

- Dynamic Ballshadows

- 3D Inserts and Cutouts for holes

- Flupper Domes

- Slingshot Corrections

- Completely rebuild Metal walls with holes for light

- Completely rebuild Rubbers

- Completely new Gi and Lightning

- Rendered Lights, Shadows and Reflections

- Remade apron Texture and generall new sharper Plastic Images

- Remade Backwall and Image (Also Light positions)

- Working Bulbs

- New Ball images

- Fixed various things on the table

- LUT selector

- Hybrid Release (Desktop, Cab, VR)

- Fixed DMD in Desktop Mode

- a lot of Physic tweaks


Here i want to thank a lot of people that helped me out on this project !


@UnclePaulie for the 3D Inserts, Lampz, Playfield Cutouts and the VR Room Stuff

@tomate for his beautiful Sideblade renders and his non stop help in blender ^^ 

@apophis, @iaakki, @Wylte for their script help, and fixes 

@JasonDH for better Plastic images

@PinStratsDan, @Smaugdragon for their testplay


...and all the others !





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Table metadata could use an update


showing info for tables/Family Guy (Stern 2007)/Family Guy 1.0.vpx
      VPX Version: 10.72
       Table Name: Shrek (Stern 2008)
          Version: 1.0
           Author: Ninuzzu [not set] http://www.vpforums.org/
    Save revision: 831
        Save date: Fri Aug 19 10:02:01 2022
     Release Date: [not set]
      Description: [not set]
            Blurb: [not set]
            Rules: [not set]


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