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Bug ? : Rgb Leds As Strobe


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I Use a RGB LED on Port 30-32 which acts and works as a strobe. Its working good with the old vbs version really fine.

I can config the colour i want for the effects which i like. With Directoutput it doesnt work that well as in the vbs version


My Attack from mars strobe config which works in DO


S1 300/S3 300/S4 400/S7 300/S39 10 10/W64 400 10/W65 400 10


This one works only partwise, worked in vbs version.


S1 Blue 500/S3 yellow 300/S4 yellow 400/S16 yellow/S39 yellow 420 24/S7 yellow 300/W64 yellow 420 24/W65 yellow 420 24



For example the UFO Explode doesnt work. The hole where youz start the video mode, stroke of luck also not



With Directoutput and ledcontrol.ini it works only in red , since it gives port 30 full power. Would be nice to have it working in preconfigured colours.

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I don't use W64 yellow 420 24 in DOF  will REALLY render 24 blink in 420 ms, so 24 blinks 17,5 ms, it's too quick for DOF.


In LC it was allright because the refresh method is different and doesn't render like the reality.


Try S39 Yellow 400 10 (strobe light for AFM), which is a more reasonable and better strobe for DOF.

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Arngrim is right:

If my analysis of the lagacy ledcontrol.vbs is correct, then this would only update the outputs at given intervals. This means that in many cases (mainly for very short intervals), the effect would last longer than specified (at least the duration of a update intervall). DOF can do much more updates since it is decoupled from the Pinball simulation. Therefore it can also try to match the specified duration exactly down to about 1ms and for this reason some effects might look different from the old solution.


One addition to Arngrims math. As he has mentioned one period of the blinking will last 17.5 milliseconds, but a period of the blinking consist of a on and a off period, both having the same duration. So for that setting you will get on for 8ms, the off for 8ms, on again for another 8ms and so on until you got your 24 blinks.

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This may be the wrong thread for this, and if so I apologize and I also admit to being completely ignorant when it comes to table configs - sorry!.

Since moving over to DOF I also do not seem to have any strobe effects, everthing else works just great just no strobe action?.

My strobe consists of two white LED`s driven through one of zebs original high power boards coming from port 17 on my wiz.

Could this also be a timing thing - is Dof too quick for the zeb board?

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i have the zeb boards too, no problem for me, do you have simple flash effect when ball goes out from holes or on autoplubers?


what exact product do you use for strobes? 

Hi, and thanks for the reply - so I have no output at all from my strobes (still work in FP so no hardware failure).

As for setup its two 10w white LED`s like these  so refresh speed should not be an issue.

I am using the default table configs and have selected DOF in the tool?.

I normally like to troubleshoot things myself but as I said i`m clueless about table configs.

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To get a clearer idea about the settings in the ini files, please read the following: http://directoutput.github.io/DirectOutput/inifiles.html#inifiles_settings


To test if there is really something wrong with your strobes, try to put in some longer duration on the settings for the strobes. M500 as a example would make sure that every signal on the strobes will last at least 500ms.

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