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I hope it is the good place for this question, if not, please apologize.


I have a scene in the corvette where we have a fying flag on the rear, a fix title on the top, and a score (several scores, from 1M to 110M...).

You can see here a layered color mask scene i started.


I took 6 or 7 screen witch make all the flying movement of the flag, the hash to start the scene is a mask with a part of the title (fix) on the first movement, start of the scene, and, then, i had several fist pictures of scores with spécific layered mask only on the start of the score, 


The way of use i my mind is :

- The first hash call and start the scene (it is from the title, so it is fix) and there is a generical mask for this scene, and the 6 or 7 pictures of the scene

- the spécific mask call a frame at the end of the scene with the good score and color mask is specific on the numbers to color the score


but... nothing works, and the scene is not loaded and not colorized...

Can you advice me?

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