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NFL Bengals PuPPacks

Just in time for Superbowl!!!

Thanks to Joey Beaulieu for the overlays!


This is for Fun DO NOT SELL or Redistribute or reupload as your own.

Use the latest version 2.1 of Xenoph's tables. He has added a script option in the table to turn the sound mode on or off. If you're using the PuPPacks I would suggest off. But it's up to you, the user.


Place the nflbengals folder into your pinupsystempupvideos folder as you would any other puppack. Select 1 of the 6 options that suites your system.

I recommend using a vpmalias so you can have multiple team PuPacks. If you only like one team, that's fine too, rename your PuPPack folder to just NFL.


If you're looking at customizing this for your own team, you may do so at your own risk, and please do not upload as your own. Any video and song can be replaced if you don't like it, keep things named the same or you might break things. Changes and mods to the PuPPacks won't be supported in forums. I do plan on releasing more teams as time permits in the future.



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