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Stargate Pup Pack

Well its certainly taken a while but the Stargate pup pack is out.  Thanks to the Doctor John Memeo for all of the work over the last 2 years on this.  Its a difficult table to create a PUP for as the triggers are simply not there.. so there's a good amount of content for a small amount of triggers! 

Theres a couple of options in this pack, with an enhanced version for FullDMD users. 

Topper and non topper version included as well as a custom back glass for those FullDMD users that want to experience something a bit different (choose Option 6 in the PUP)  Hope you all enjoy the pack and as usual feedback welcome.


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Thank you for this Pup Pack.

It seems I have an issue with it, because the only videos that play on my BG are the "launch the ball" videos.

I've seen there are much more vids in the puppack, but I don't understand why I can't see them (no launch).

I've got several other puppacks which are all working fine...

Due to my setup (2 screens), I've installed the "BG and topper on BG" option, don't know if it can help to solve the issue...

Any help appreciated, thank you. 

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