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Hello everyone I'm new here and this is my second Backglass Mod and maybe it will help some people to enjoy Masters of the Universe again. Unfortunately I couldn't find a single db2s and unfortunately no PUP-pack for VPX either, so I have a few backglasses for you to choose from.

I made 4 .db2s files for you, each can be used with or without a speaker cover it depends on your settings. All backglasses were created in high quality with the smallest possible file size. (between 7-12Mb) My first collection had about 600 Mb hahaaa that's why I took my time and dealt with the topic a little more deeply. The results are four good backglasses and they all flashing and have light gimmicks.


For all beginners like me, here is a tip on how I got the backglass to work. Add this code to the table script and adapt your directb2s file name. In my case my directb2s file name is Masters of the Universe.directb2s as in the quotation marks.


 Dim Controller
 Sub LoadController()
 Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")
 Controller.B2SName = "Masters of the Universe"  ' *****!!!!This must match the name of your directb2s file!!!!
 End Sub


Thanks for advice @Itchigo🤩

And thanks also to Wildman, I would be lost without his YT tutorials.


Hope you enjoy 🤪





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