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Just did a new installation of VPX using the Baller Installer.  Everything seemed to go smoothly.  The included game, Leprechaun works great.  Did an install of Funhouse.  The PinUp front end looks correct but as soon as I start the game, the main play field rotates sideways and small, like it's windowed.  I did a second test install of Eight Ball Deluxe which also works just fine.  Did an install of Family Guy and it also turns sideways/rotated just like Funhouse.  I did some searching and found a couple references to rotating the tables with the XY adjustment but I cannot seem to find any settings that change the orientation.  I'm a newb with this stuff so any direction is appreciated.  Thank you.  Edit: Doing this on a Legends Pinball if it matters.

Funhouse Frontend Load Full.jpg

Funhouse Loaded Sideways.jpg

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1 hour ago, outhere said:

Make sure you read the entire topic before making changes


Thank you.  That was very helpful.  I had gone to that backglass menu a few times but I didn't realize I needed to go into "view" and select 'options'.  None of the settings in that side pane were visible.  Knowing I was at least in the right spot made it easier to find.  Setting the XY to 270, then loading the table with F6, took quite a few adjustments but now it looks good.  Thanks again.


Trying to understand what's happening, after I did this, I went back to Leprechaun King and Eight Ball Deluxe, both of which were previously working perfectly upon install, and now they are both loading in the same configuration that Funhouse was?  This confuses me.  Obviously I can use the same steps above to fix it, but why would they work fine once and then load incorrectly in a different orientation when I haven't changed any settings.  The only changes I made to Funhouse were with that table loaded specifically so I don't see how they would affect the other tables.  But, there's something going on that's changing or affecting the orientation.

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40 minutes ago, outhere said:

@johnsland8 Changing one table should not change the others so you have something else going on


Honestly, I think it has something to do with the way my Windows PC is communicating with the ALP because I finally got FX3 (through Steam) to work in Landscape mode but it starts messed up every time I load it and I have to simply Alt-Tab to the desktop and then Alt-Tab back to the game and it's fixed. 🙄  It's just annoying.


Since every table now seems to be loading rotated just like my picture above, is there any way to address this globally so I don't have to go in and adjust every single table I download?  Or is that just part of the process?  I guess part of what I'm not understanding is that the tables aren't just rotated 90 degrees but they are also not full size.  It's like they're loading windowed?


Thank you.

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I really don't know what's happening... LOL.  I rotated, adjusted, and sized one table correctly and it seems to be applying these settings to each new table I add.  It even applied them to the Leprechaun King table and it's loading and working properly again.  I guess I'm good until whatever is messing with my orientation settings pops back up again.

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2 hours ago, Sontiago said:

I just cannot get funhouse to display correctly on my ALP!.. If someone has gotten theirs to look good, could you please share your settings?  I would be ever so grateful!


Outthere’s Post above is your solution 

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I played with this and have a pretty easy workaround on sideways VPX tables for my ALP (the F6 mode was really confusing). I will provide screen shots and numbers I used to get these results For Funhouse, Cyclone, Machine Bride of Pin-Bot, and Dr. Dude.


I did go into VPX and opened each game in Editor Mode and saved them as WIP so I would not corrupt files.


Step by step:

1: Go to Backglass and use properties (This may be shrunk down) then pick  camera view.

2: In Mode use FS (Full Screen) and both FSS Mode and Test display are not checked

3: These settings were the same for all four games Incline 0, Field 10, Layback 50, XY Rotation 270


The numbers for the rest of the changes in each table are below (You may have to tweak some of these numbers to get it where you want on your machine):


                           Funhouse     Cyclone     Machine Bride   Dr. Dude

X Scale             1.2                    1.2                1.0                           1.2               

Y Scale             1.5                    1.4                1.2                            1.4

Z Scale             1                        1                    1                               1

X Offset           -25                  -70              -30                        - 70 

Y Offset            0                      0                   0                              0

Z Offset            0                      0                   0                              0





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