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First post - try not to skewer me too bad...


Picked up a new cabinet recently and wanted to add a couple of tables.   I downloaded the table (Eight Ball-1977) and a backglass.   Got the wheel image, added that to PinballX and set it up to run.  Had to go into Visual Pinball change the table orientation as it was set for a desktop display.   I used the shift and control keys in camera mode to get it just about perfect dimensionally, and the backglass loads fine on the proper screen in the cabinet, but the backglass image is still underneath the playfield and the "scoring LCD" numbers from the backglass are visible.    It loads and plays fine - it just looks  bizarre...   


I tried tweaking a few parameters but I am clearly missing something :)  Can anyone point me in the right direction?   


Thx in advance!!!



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