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Table1.InclinationFS Script Error on a good few tables


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Hi everyone,

I'm still an absolutely newbie to Virtual Pinball and just managed to install some tables ( Addams Family). But when I try to start the Addams Family, it's showing "Door Open" and even more annoying is this message which I'm getting from a few table:

Script Error

Line 94

Object Doesn't support this property or method: 'Table1.InclinationFS"


I'm using a cabinet but the table is showing in horizontal mode.

I tried to rotate it with the Backlass/Options to 270 degrees but it didn't work...


Does someone have a solutiion for it as I have the same issue with a couple of table like Bugs Bunny etc...20211124_235258.thumb.jpg.bcfbade54b7f4c06db7aa1cf286fd0e1.jpg

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Seems that you are using Sliderpoints older TAF. He used a function that later in VPX was removed. I advice you to take a look at https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts

The rom error. Ignore it. A bit surprised thought that you have these issues. Several version os BBB has been released since then; without that problem. So, my question is - did you download this from a torrent or maybe a site I won't mention ?

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Hi Thalamus, thanks a mill for your reply. I will have a look on the github. When I started a few weeks ago with getting bits and pieces together, i was looking for tables to try out and found a few on the internet archive https://archive.org/ I thought it's a decent site but obviously it's not...

I tried to register on vpforums.org but for any reason it's not working for me. I never receive the email to confirm the sign up... So I can't get any tables there which is quit frustrating...

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