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Mystery key presses from coin button and right mega


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Hi everyone. I built a small cab this summer and recently upgraded to a 4k monitor in the playfield. After I reconfigured pinup popper and my DMD screens, I noticed that when I press the coin button or right magnasave when in VPX 10.6, a volume overlay appears on the playfield screen. I disabled pinvol and thump, still the same volume overlay appears. It does not appear when I use Popper and adjust volume via pinvol (the correct overlays for global and table work just fine inside popper before launching a table) If I run VPX 10.6 or 10.7, by itself, it occurs. I also use joy2key. It's almost like a joystick button is activating somewhere in addition to joy2key. I also use a virtuapin plunger, I used it's config to test and each button fires correctly.


Anyway, this started after the screen upgrade (likely unrelated, but you never know), and it's not the usual pinvol bars. It's coming from somewhere else.

The pic below shows what I am talking about. Right Magnasave (mapped as ] in VPX and j2k ) lowers meter , coin (mapped as 5 in VPX and j2k ) raises it. I am stumped. any thoughts?



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Edited for clarity I hope
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That looks like the pinmame volume control. I don't remember right now what Fxx key that is.

I highly recommend NOT re-mapping any keys from their defaults; you can almost be sure that at some time or another you'll come over where keys has been hard coded inside the game with something you believe you are able to override. That is NOT possible, without editing the table script. In this case though - like I said, probably a F key. Or maybe it was a key 0-9 ? I don't remember these very well, because I DON'T change any key from their defaults ;)

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