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Cabinet rebuild - ventilation


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Over Christmas I will be rebuilding the system in my cabinet. I have ordered all the parts and went with air cooling. Since we all really have the same dimensions to work with thereabouts I thought I would ask.


I live in Australia, in the tropics, its hot where I am so unless it's winter (25 degrees c - 77F) there will be air conditioning to keep the ambient around that point. In the past I've had no issues, but now I want to ensure my new parts last.


I've bought 3 120mm fans and was thinking of one in, two out. I had considered running the in fan directly under the motherboard, or is this problematic, could this minimise the efficiency of the CPU cooler if I dont blow air out in front of the motherboard? The two out fans I had planned to place at the rear of the cab. I have an accelerometer (joywarrior) about a foot from the front of the cab, its built to widebody specs but using 15mm ply instead of 18mm (3/4 inch). I dont want to put the fan toward the front as I already have issues surrounding the location of the accelerometer.


So, does this sound wise, bring one in from below, blow two out at the back? I'd love some advice on how others have their cooling sorted. 


Thanks in advance. BV3.

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I have one intake fan near the coin door, an out fan at the back of the main cab and an out fan at the top back of the backbox.  All of them are controlled by the motherboard and I don't think I've ever heard them above idle speed.  I probably wouldn't bother with the intake fan if I did it again and will likely pull it when I open the cab at some point to do upgrades and just have leave the grill covered hole for intake. Mine I believe are 120mm as well.

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On from below and two out the back will set the cab up with negative pressure flow.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing but it will mean whereever there is another gap air will be pulled in to try and balance the higher outut of air from the cab.  You may want this if you have vents or holes in other places.  Personally I found that because I had not routed out the bottom of when my playfield glass sat on My V1 the same sort of setup caused dust to be dragged in to that area (and settle on screen).  Version 2 of my setup has 2 intake fans and  2 output fans, that problem went away.


Optimal solution would be to ensure air is flowing over the components you want cooled (hense the general idea of front to back of cab). so as long as the path is easy, air will flow in from the off vent hole.

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Williams wide body design, using 17mm form ply from buunings 3 x1800x1200 sheets, after construction, sanded down and spray painted with Matt Black before custom decal applied. Lock mitre joint used on edges.


Playfield is ASUS 43" 4K 120Hz monitor. BG 32" LG monitor and the DMD Apron Screen 21" Lenovo Screen. PC is AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor with 16GB Ram and 1TB Nvmi SSD mounted on the MB + Creative RX5 7.1 sound card. 4x Daytona Excitors and Sub, Logitec Sound. 10x DOF Starter Relays for feedback, OzStick Williams plunger kit and KL25Z Pinscape board - reflashed and configured for output control of the DOF and more inputs added, Teensy 3.2 RGB LED board for LED strip control - 2 x 144 addressable LED strip each side playfield and 1x 8x32 RGB addressable LED Matrix and undercab LED.

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