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New to Virtual Pinball and hi from Ireland!


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Hi everybody,

I'm just starting with virtual pinball but love pinball since I was a child ( guess nothing new to you?!).

At the moment I'm getting my bits and pieces together to build my own virtual machine. I sold my original Dirty Harry Pinball around 8 years ago and seriously regret it.

Now I'm looking for the best virtual recreation of it and need some help with finding the install files to download and also, which version is the best in your opinion as there seem to be a few around.

I have the PinUp Popper installed and working ( imported my FX3 tables and they are working fine). So any help and suggestions from you guys are more than welcome!!!

Thanks a mill!

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Dirty Harry is a cool table. I love tables with cannons. 


The most sane way is to install the SAM installer of Visual Pinball 10.6. You’ll find some tables use the 10.7 beta…but I’d worry about that a bit later. It’s really no big deal, just every blue moon you open the 10.7 (it’s still in beta, but it’s very solid) instead to run those tables that were made in 10.7


This should give you the start your looking for if I’m following correctly.  



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