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SD card problem


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First, its my simple custom hardware i use for real pin.

Instead of card slot i use micro to sd adapter, use it so far with no problem with discovery board. But now nucleo cant see card. Cant activated with key on card, manage to activate over pin2dmd.exe

If i do save config in config menu it dont create file on sd card.

Try save palette flash and ram, still nothing.

When looking at shematic:

Sd----- nucleo pin







Maybe its problem with  D01 and D02, on picture of card reader i found in pindmdmaster its not used, but on schematic its go to nucleo pin 74 and 2


Try some 16Gb 32Gb 4Gb and 2Gb card buth with no results.


Any idea?

Cant trace is it card size problem or probably i done something wrong in hardware.


Thanks for any idea


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I done sdio, but cant see it again

If anyone can give me some advice

1. Is it important to set ram/flash storage?

2. Is there any known problem with card size or sd/sdhc on nucleo?

3.  Does card nead to be formated in any special way fat16/fat32


Any help to try troubleshoot problem will be apriciate


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