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F1, F3 not working etc


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I just recently got my cab (3 screen) finished and installed the baller on a fresh windows 10. I have figured out a lot, but somewhere I have messed up my keyboard settings. The f1 key doesn't do anything, and f3 doesn't reset the table any more. Are those options in the popper setup menu or somewhere else? I would also like to be able to open the game options menu (where you pick which bear model used in Addams family etc). Any help would be great!

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Addams family can be done in the script. F1 and F3 are not popper settings. I would think Vpinmame settings and not sure if they can be changed or altered? Are you sure you are trying to open a ROM game.  Maybe more specific of table you are having issues or is this also related to Addams  Family?



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