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Truck Stop .directb2s


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My memory of Truck Stop is finding all display machines at UK press event jammed.

Tried to buy real one recently on Ebay, but out bid.

So decided to install VPX version on my cabinet.

Download table & .directb2s, but backglass .directb2s has TRUCK STOP in big letters over backglass artwork.

Is this supposed to happen or have i missed a setup step?

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Thanks Wildman & outhere problem sorted.

DMD location never set as all tables installed positioned VPinMAME DMD manually.

Wildman your Truck Stop(Bally 1988) 2.0 .directb2s is the only .directb2s that I have installed which has text/artwork in DMD while backbox controls scores.

Problem my Windows 7 desktop switched to black high contrast, which covers Trunk Stop DMD text/artwork. Only when I switched desktop to Windows Classic did DMD artwork appeared.

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